quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010

9th Wonder – 9th’s Opus It’s A Wonderful World Music Group Volume 1 – 2010

01. Monsoon Season (Feat. Halo)
02. 1000ft (Feat. 9thMatic, Big Remo & Khrysis)
03. I Will Always Be Down (Feat. Heather Victoria & Rapsody)
04. Trouble Man (Feat. GQ)
05. Honda Accord Music (Feat. Rapsody)
06. College (Feat. TP)
07. Grinnin’ (Feat. Thee Tom Hardy)
08. Who Gets Your Love (Feat. Tyler Woods & Hos)
09. Easy (Feat. Skyzoo)
10. Make The Most (Feat. Halo & Thee Tom Hardy)
11. It’s Real (Feat. Big Remo)
12. Bitch Be Gone (Feat. The Away Team)

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Maurício Parmalat disse...

Dahora Man ... mas qual a senha pra descompactar o arquivo ??